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Tax Planning

Proper tax planning very often gets missed with a traditional end-of-year tax preparer relationship. Yet, business owners can save tens of thousands of dollars per year by implementing the right strategies. This is why we made this our top priority and it is undoubtedly what sets us apart from the rest!

Tax Planning
For Business Owners who want to put more money back in their pockets - starting now

  • Our first order of business on day one is reviewing your situation to see how many of the following tax-savings strategies you and your business may qualify for:

    • Electing to be taxed as an S-corp​oration or other suitable tax structure

    • Hiring family members or your children

    • Putting your spouse on payroll

    • Renting out your home to your business

    • Contributing to a retirement plan (401k, SEP IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc) for yourself, your spouse, your kids, and/or your employees

    • Employee Retention Tax Credit

    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    • Research & Development Tax Credit

    • Payroll Tax Credits

    • Home Office Deduction

    • Tax-deductible health insurance plans for you and your family

    • 529 Plans for your children's education

    • Vehicle tax deductions

    • Meals & Entertainment tax deductions

    • Deducting business-related travel expenses for you and your family

  • After reviewing what you and your business are eligible for, we do all of the paperwork and implementation for you.​

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