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We are dedicated to bettering the lives of thousands of business owners by providing the best accounting and tax experience possible

Client Accounting Services

For Small Businesses and Freelancers

  • Outsourced accounting department to keep you focused on your customers 

  • Bookkeeping, including monthly or weekly financial statement write-up reports 

  • Business-wide and project-specific profitability tracking 

  • Transaction processing and account reconciliations

  • Accounts Receivable management

  • Accounts Payable management

  • Payroll tax management, including monthly, quarterly, and annual calculations and filings

  • Sales tax management, including monthly, quarterly, and annual calculations and filings

  • Send and follow up on client invoices

Tax Prep & planning

Tax Preparation & Planning

For Individuals, Small Businesses, and Freelancers

  • User-friendly, secure portal for exchange of personal information

  • Quarterly estimated tax calculations and filings

  • Review of prior year tax returns for accuracy

  • Identification of tax write-off and credit opportunities at both federal and state level

  • Planning for future saving opportunities

  • Guidance on tax implications of investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, partnership interests, etc.

  • Advice on tax documentation best practices

  • Full compliance with tax deadlines

  • Preparation and filing of the following:

    • Form 1040 (Individuals), including:

      • Schedule A

      • Schedule B

      • Schedule C

      • Schedule D

      • Schedule E

      • Additional schedules, as needed

    • Form 1040-ES (individuals)

    • Form 1065, and associated K-1s (Partnerships)

    • Form 1120-S, and associated K-1s (S-Corporations)

    • Form 1120 (C-corporations)

    • Form 990 (Tax-Exempt Organizations)

    • Form 1099 (Payments to Independent Contractors)

    • Form W-2 (Wages Paid to Employees)

    • Form 2553 (Small Business Election)

    • Form 8332 (Payments to Foreign Independent Contractors)

Bus Advisory

Business Advisory

For Small Businesses

  • Budget development

  • Long and short-term forecasting at the business level and project-specific level

  • Real cash flow management based on experience

  • Analysis of optimal business structure that aligns with your company’s goals

  • Assistance with entity formation, such as LLC filings

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