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Bookkeeping and reporting

Your business' books are like the dashboard in a pilot's cockpit. Without accurate and up-to-date info, you will likely land in the wrong destination.

For Business Owners seeking accuracy

  • We start with getting your accounting systems set up properly by utilizing technology and workflows that create 100% accurate financials, that require as little time as possible (if any) from you each month. Here's how we do it:

    • Choose the correct Quickbooks Online account

    • Set up the proper Chart of Accounts, customized to your business

    • Integrate your bank accounts with Quickbooks Online

    • Set up mileage tracking and easy submission of receipts

    • Create a personalized email address for forwarding digital receipts

  • Once your accounting systems are running seamlessly, we do the following for you each month:

    • Categorize all of your business transactions in a manner that maximizes your tax deductions​

    • Reconcile each of your bank accounts and credit cards to ensure 100% accuracy

    • Update your accounts receivable to see which customers have outstanding balances

    • Troubleshooting and support for data feeds from your bank

Tax Prep & planning

For Business owners looking to make informed decisions

  • Each month, you can expect to receive a report that includes some or all of the following:

    • How much money your business earned ​last month

    • How much money was paid to owner vs. how much stayed "in the business"

    • How much money your business has on hand at the end of the month

    • How much money your business owes at the end of the month

    • An analysis of your largest expenses

    • A comparison of how your business is performing compared to others in the industry

    • An analysis of key performance indicators that are critical to your business' growth

    • How your business performed compared the month prior

    • A comparison of your actual numbers to a budget prepared by our business advisory team

  • All reports are prepared and reviewed by CPAs to make sure that you are capturing all tax deductions properly

  • You will also receive an annual call to review your financials with a dedicated CPA

Bus Advisory
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